Why NCAA Football Needs A Full Set Of Playoffs To Keep Teams Competitive. (8/1/19)

My dad has told me multiple times that the college football playoff needs to include more teams, but I never noticed how rough this is for the fans of other schools that are not the four lucky ones.

Imagine if March Madness only had three games because only four teams were allowed to compete for the national title. The playoffs would not last very long because of the lack of the games. It sounds king-of preposterous, right? Sadly, this is what college football fans have to settle watching. This is just not common sense. Each sport needs to give an equal opportunity for all of the teams a chance to get a championship. Sadly, college football is not that way at all. Right now only the top 4 teams participate in a playoff-structure. Granted, it is a step up from where it users to be.

It used to be worse —they didn’t even have playoffs for the top four teams. Up until 2014 there wasn’t even a college football playoffs. That was a step into the right direction, but sadly I believe that it was not a big enough move. According to Adam Kramer of Bleacher Report, the NCAA should have expanded the playoffs to eight teams last season.

The problem with the current playoffs is that there is less incentive for teams under the top 4 to do well. It’s just the truth. So consequently, these teams will spend less money on their facilities, equipment, and hiring college scouts so the recruiting will be low in these schools.

Without other teams being competitive in recruiting and using new equipment and facilities, big teams like Alabama will continue to get better and better while other teams are only getting worse. The four teams that participate in the College Football Playoff benefit from the experience in multiple ways. One bonus is that they will make more money on the games and will get lots of popularity.

Sure, Alabama and Clemson have a lot of fans — but that number is extremely small compared to the number of fans of other teams. Think about it. If the NCAA football administration were to let more teams into the playoffs, then the number of people watching would increase. Then their ratings would go up and they could put more money into the playoffs… it’s a snowball effect.

Imagine if the NFL only had four teams participate in the playoffs — it wouldn’t make sense, right? The fans of the other 28 teams wouldn’t really care about what the outcome was and divisions wouldn’t matter as much.

What do you think? Should there be plenty more games in the College Football Playoff series?