What A Crazy Night In Baseball: Nats Finally Make Playoffs, Cardinals Break Records (10/10/19)

Wow. What a night in Major League Baseball! Records broken from the franchise level — to the league level. The Playoffs are causing a crescendo effect on the games, making them more fun to watch because the stakes continue rise higher than the game before. Personally, this is my favorite part of the season because it really shows how teams have to figure out how to be efficient and effective in their efforts to try and win each individual ballgame. The two most crazy performances tonight, in my opinion, would most definitely be the Nationals-Dodgers and the Cardinals-Braves games.

Nationals 7-Dodgers 3; (Nationals Win Series 3-2)

Both teams fought neck-and-neck to try and get this win — and at first, it did not seem like the Nationals were going to be even close to winning this one. In the first inning, the Dodgers had two runs, which meant that they were up 2-0 on the Nationals. Next inning, they scored again. It wasn’t until the sixth inning that the Nationals scored, but even then they were still down 3-1. Then the eight inning came around and made the game interesting. The Nationals figured out a way to shut out the Dodgers from scoring and while having two runs. At the end of the eight, the game was tied 3-3 and it stayed that way until the tenth. In the tenth inning, Howie Kendrick had a game-winning grand slam, which resulted in the Nationals collecting 4 unanswered points to win the game. Not one fan in the park wasn’t on the edge of their seat!

Nationals left-fieldman, Juan Soto, shined with two runs in their win over the Dodgers. Third-baseman Anthony Rendon had the best night at bat out of any of his teammates; scoring 3 runs himself and having one RBI. Howie Kendrick and Adam Eaton both had a run as well in their team’s win. Perhaps the most impressive aspect to this game was the fact that this is the first time since 1981 that the Washington Nationals are going to go to the National League Championship Series. And even then, they were called the Montreal Expos — so technically speaking, this will be the first time that a baseball team in Washington D.C. has made it to the NLCS!

Cardinals 13-Brewers 1; (Cardinals win series 3-2)

The difference between the Cardinals-Braves game and the Nationals-Dodgers game, is that in the Cardinals-Braves game was decided in one inning. In the first inning, the Saint Louis Cardinals unofficially beat the Atlanta Braves by having 10 runs in that time alone — breaking the MLB postseason record for most runs scored in the first inning (It’s one thing to break a record in sports like the NFL or NBA that haven’t been around extremely long, but breaking a MLB record puts you to a completely different level of eliteness). They only scored (When I say only, I mean only relative to 10 ) three more runs — one in the second and two in the third. The Braves put one prevented themselves from being shut-out by having one run in the fourth. After that, no one else scored. Both teams might have lost motivation to work hard because it was so unlikely that anything was going to change the direction of the game.

The coolest part for the Nationals about this win was that it was a complete team effort. Dexter Fowler had a tremendous performance in the Cardinals’ win over the Braves — by having 2 runs and 2 RBIs. Not only did Dexter put points on the board, but eight other teammates had at least one run, including the three other teammates matching his two runs. I’m pretty sure the Cardinals are going to be reviewing their warm-up tapes before their next games because they certainly got something right!

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