Vikings Fans, Peterson Share A Neat Moment As He Moves To Sixth On All-Time Rushing List (10/26/19)

Adrian Peterson warms up pregame last season…

Thursday night was not one of the better moments of the Redskins in their franchise history — but that certainly doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a momentous occasion for veteran running back Adrian Peterson.

After a 29-yard run in the third quarter, the Redskins were given a little boost after Peterson’s first down. After Thursday’s game, Adrian Peterson passed running back LaDanian Tomlinson (13,684 yards) for sixth-most rushing yards in a career (Peterson now has 13,701).

Perhaps the coolest part about the whole night was the moment after Peterson had beaten the record.

The opposing team’s home crowd gave AP a standing ovation for his new record — probably because before he was on the Redskins, Peterson was on the Vikings. He kept lackluster teams going for many years through his amazing talent and incredible athletic ability. He was the saving grace for Minnesota on numerous occasions.

Later on after the game, Vikings running back Dalvin Cook and ex-Vikings running back/ Redskins running back Adrian Peterson met up.

For two of the Redskins, the stakes were high in this game: Quarterback Case Keenum and Running back Adrian Peterson’s careers were both made in Minnesota. Playing in U.S. Bank Stadium might have been quite nostalgic for Keenum — considering he was playing there in the “Minneapolis Miracle” less than two years ago. And Peterson might have felt weird rushing against purple and yellow jerseys — the colors that he used to wear with pride.

Unfortunately for the Redskins’ quarterback Keenum, he was taken out of that game and was put into concussion protocol, whereas Adrian Peterson broke LaDanian Tomlinson’s all-time rushing record and received a standing ovation. What a crazy night!

In an odd way though, it didn’t seem weird that the fans gave a standing ovation to Peterson. The crowd was excited for Peterson and cheered him on, despite their team being blown out in that play. They might also recognize all of the hard work that he has gone through trying to get back to full strength after his multiple injuries. It seems that simple — and is a great example of why football is family…

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