Tyson/Jones Fight Ends In Draw

Even though he packed some heavy body punches against Roy Jones Jr., Mike Tyson still couldn’t stop the Tyson/Jones fight from turning into a draw during their eight-round exhibition match Saturday.

Both fighters showed brief glimpses of their old selves, but Tyson ultimately outlanded Jones 67-37. Tyson also managed to get a 57-28 advantage in power punches — including 35 to the body. Jones was able to throw 43 more punches total though.

Despite all of the hype, this fight was much more sloppy than many people claimed.

Even though many people said these fighters didn’t look like they were fighting in their 50’s, they certainly didn’t look like the fighters they used to be in their prime. We didn’t see the same Mike Tyson that became the youngest heavyweight champion of the world at 20 years old back in 1986, and we didn’t see the former four-division champion that Roy Jones Jr. was in last night’s fight. We saw 54 year-old Mike Tyson fight 51 year-old Roy Jones Jr — and if you watch the fight’s highlights, they really did fight like they were in their 50’s.

Tyson is looking to do another exhibition with Roy Jones Jr. after his first fight back in 15 years was ruled a draw. More to come on that story as it develops.