Tony Romo Prediction: “Broncos Have A Chance To Really Shock Some People” (8/18/19)

Tony Romo used to be an NFL quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Since his retirement, he has found another way to join the game: through commentating. In my opinion, he is probably the most intelligent sportscaster in the business.

Yesterday on Mad Dog Sports Radio with Adam Schein, Romo had some interesting predictions — specifically for the Denver Broncos.

Initially, Tony stated that “I’m not into predicting anything…” (Denver Post).

Yah, right. Anyone that has seen him broadcast knows that he loves predictions and he has just made multiple about the future of this Denver team…
If you are a Broncos fan, this is a big deal.
Tony Romo tends to be impartial in his commentating, so he has no bias for or against the Broncos. This is just what he genuinely feels.
To start the segment, Tony Said:

“I think the Denver Broncos have a chance to really shock some people”

Here, he was referencing the potential of this years’ Broncos squad. Next he talked about Joe Flacco being a guy that —

“a lot of teams should’ve gotten this season.”

He also added:

“Vic Fangio… I think he’ll show how great of a head coach he is…They have leadership on offense. They have a great defensive coordinator, a great defensive player (in Von Miller).”

Then by using his incredibly intelligent quarterback mind, he made this prediction:

“If they keep Flacco upright and they can block for him, this is going to be a tough team, especially if you have to go to Denver.”

What do you think? Do you predict that the Broncos will do as well as Tony Romo mentioned in that interview?

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