Tom Brady Calls Out Refs In TNF, Turns Game Off (9/20/19)

Refs get scolded all of the time by players whenever they stop the game with penalties. It’s a little different when a six-time Super Bowl champ calls them out.

Tom Brady was watching the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans play last night and decided that the penalties were really bad. He then went on Twitter and expressed his disgust with the calls publicly.

He indicated that he might feel like the refs are just calling too many penalties in the league in general this year by saying “Just let us play!!!!”

Brady did have a point though. In the first half alone, there were 15 total penalties — eight being holding calls. Towards the end of the game, the refs started to ease up a bit and at the end of the 60 minutes of playtime there was a sum of 20 total penalties.

Let’s face it: Calling Tom Brady a perfectionist in football would be a massive understatement. He loves the game so much that if something is wrong, he can’t stand it. It literally got to the point where he had to turn it off…

The Jaguars ended up beating the Titans 20-7 — which many blame the Titans’ loss on the holding calls.

This is not the first time this week that there has been a lot of penalties. In fact, during the Broncos vs. Bears game last Sunday, there was a total of 17 penalties in the game. Broncos offensive tackle Garrett Boles was called for 4 holding penalties — which tied a franchise record. Boles was to blame for those penalties, but there was one flag they threw that sparked criticism when Bradley Chubb was called for roughing the passer. This was extremely controversial because Chubb was already touching Mitchell Trubisky (quarterback) when he was throwing the ball. This costed the Broncos 15 yards and gave the Bears a massive 1st down on their game-winning drive.

It’s ok for refs to give bad calls on rare occasion, because they are human too. But when it comes down to game-winning or losing situations, they should not make bad calls. The role of the referees is to enforce the rules, not dictate the game.

One interesting detail that not too many people are talking about is that the referees didn’t call any penalties during the third quarter. I know this is a stretch, but is it possible that they looked at their Twitter accounts during halftime and listened to Tom Terrific?

Photo Credit:Par Brad Muckenthaler —, CC BY 4.0,