Today’s Forecast — Lot’s of Mayweather: Floyd Announces Return To The Ring In 2020 (11/22/19)

Two years ago the undefeated boxer, Floyd “Money” Mayweather came out of retirement to fight the Irish UFC fighter Connor McGregor in one of the most popular sporting events of the decade. After multiple rounds it became more and more apparent that McGregor was not used to organized boxing and grew tired. Mayweather took some hits but still managed to win the fight. After that fight, Floyd’s record consisted of 50 wins and zero losses. He then announced his retirement a second time, with no one expecting him to ever make a return to fighting again.

That changed last night. At around 8pm, Floyd made an unexpected announcement by posting that he was coming out of retirement on his Instagram account.

That’s right folks — the champ is coming out of retirement to fight in this upcoming year!

The difference between then and now will be that his fights are going to be exhibition matches. The distinction between an exhibition match and a regular fight are that in exhibition, the fighters only fight three rounds and the fight does not go on their professional record.

Personally, I see this as an extremely weak move on Mayweather’s part. Lately, he has been receiving criticism from Manny Pacquiao fans — where they believe that he should not have won the iconic May-Pac fight because of Manny’s injury. They called for Floyd to come back and fight him when they were both healthy, but Mayweather declined the rematch.

It’s not particularly clear what Mayweather is trying to prove here. On one side of the debate, he is coming out of retirement again to fight in an exhibition match, which could help his popularity a little. The problem with this kind of fight is that it does not do anything to a boxer’s record. So in terms of legacy, this means nothing for Floyd because the fight doesn’t count. If he thinks that he will prove anything in these fights, Floyd would have these fights hold his record on the line.

The other part that hints towards weakness is that Mayweather is still declining Pacquaio a rematch. The boxing world has been waiting for both of them to battle it out in the ring again, but Floyd keeps on saying no to the idea. It almost seems like he is scared to fight Manny because he believes that he will lose and be stripped of his “undefeated record.”

This leads to the next question like: Who will he be fighting?

An hour before he published his earlier post, Floyd posted a picture with UFC president Dana White with the caption: “@danawhite and I working together again to bring the world another spectacular event in 2020.”

This implies that he will be fighting a UFC opponent just to earn a little bit of money, not for honor though.

Until Floyd Mayweather can notice that he has a rematch that needs to be resolved, many won’t take him or his fighting seriously. Now if he ends up accepting the challenge from Manny Pacquaio for the proposed Battle of the Century II, he will be able to prove if he is worthy of an undefeated record.

Photo Credit:“Mayweather Vs McGregor”byYann Dalonis licensed underCC BY-NC-ND 4.0