Titans Upset Ravens To Move On To The AFC Championship (1/12/20)


The game that the NFL community experienced last night was not at all what most people expected.

Now, that said, if someone were to say the game would be a blowout, many would agree — if they meant that the Ravens were going to win. Instead, the Tennessee Titans owned the Baltimore Ravens, by beating them 28-12.

The key to this game was rushing — whoever could rush the most was going to win, which was absolutely the case. In the game, the Titans rushed a total of 212 yards and the Ravens ran for 29 yards. Most of this credit can be given to Derrick Henry, for he alone rushed for 195 yards!

Another important factor was turnovers. Throughout the entire game, the Titans turned the ball over a whopping zero times! Then on the other side of the field, the Ravens turned it over three times: Two interceptions and one fumble.

The dominance of the Titans has led to the destruction of many talented teams. In the past three weeks, Tennessee has now defeated the Texans, Patriots, and Ravens in Houston, Foxborough, and Baltimore respectively — all under the once-forgotten quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Despite only throwing for 88 yards, he still lasered two touchdown passes. One of the times, he threw the ball 45 yards to meet a wide-open Kalif Raymond in the end zone.

In addition to the all of their turnovers, the Ravens did shoot themselves in the foot with all of their penalties and dropped passes. Lamar Jackson’s visible frustration was apparent when all of these things happened. The Titans did a good job of getting into his head.

Eight days ago, the Tennessee Titans defeated the best defense in the league. Yesterday, they defeated the best offense in the league, let alone one of the most athletic offenses the NFL has ever seen. What’s next?

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