The Yankees Sign Free Agent Pitcher Gerrit Cole On A Record Deal (12/11/19)

Yesterday, the New York Yankees signed free agent pitcher Gerrit Cole. This deal entails a 9 year, $324 million contract– a record payday that very few baseball players have ever reached..

In the offseason, many people have been wondering about where Cole was going to end up. It seemed that his previous team, the Astros, had enough money to pay him, but they didn’t decide to offer him a mega-contract like this one.

The bummer about having little-to-no salary caps in a sport like baseball is that the same teams can constantly win and attract talented recruits, like Gerrit Cole. This leaves the other teams with mediocre players and much worse chances at making the World Series.

The Yankees can spend as much money as they would like on players without worrying about going under. And because of this addition, New York is now considered by many “the team to beat.”

Last season, Cole was the runner up for the AL Cy Young Award — second only to his teammate Justin Verlander on his old team, the Houston Astros. This award is given out to the best pitcher in the American League. This really illustrates how the salary cap is irrelevant to successful teams because they will spend as much money necessary on bringing in the top players to perform at the highest level. The Astros having both Verlander and Cole was not a coincidence. At the time, they simply could pay both because of the MLB’s rules and because they had the money to do so.

Gerrit Cole had an absolute dominant last season while he started for the Astros. While he was their starting pitcher, Cole recorded an MLB-high record of 111 wins. He also set a personal and franchise record for the most strikeouts in a season by recording 326. The previous record was made by J.R. Richard in 1979, where he brought in 313.

It is hard to see the Yankees losing to anyone in this next season — their lineup is extremely stacked. Having Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole on the same team will certainly make them hard to beat. Cole moving to the Yankees is like when Kevin Durant moved to the Golden State Warriors… he just made an already dominant team even better.

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