The Wild, Wild AFC West: Why I Believe That This Division Is The Most Competitive In The League. (7/14/19)

Chiefs. Chargers. Raiders. Broncos. What do all of these have in common? They are all of the teams in the AFC West. Despite some of the teams having bad records, each team is still really good. In fact, the reason why they might tend to have worse records is because they have to play each team in their division twice. The harder teams the play, the worse their record is likely to become. Here is why I believe that the AFC West is the most competitive division in the National Football League:

1. Los Angeles Chargers (12-4 last season)

As I mentioned before in my last NFL article about my 32 crazy bold predictions about the upcoming season, Philip Rivers is the real deal. He is not only a great man and leader, but also a completely versatile quarterback. And what’s worse is that when Rivers heats up — he heats up! This season, the chargers will be as much of a threat as ever and will force the rest of the AFC to kick it up a notch.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (12-4 last season)

Here is another case of the star-studded power at the quarterback position. Patrick Mahomes will be entering his third NFL year and is now the Madden Cover Athlete, which alone is a highly-coveted achievement that puts him into a very exclusive club. Last season, which happened to just be his sophomore year in the league, Mahomes threw 50 touchdown passes! The only other two quarterbacks to pass for 50 touchdowns or over in a season would be Tom Brady (50) and Peyton Manning (55). Watching him and Travis Kelce play together reminds me a lot of the chemistry between Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. They made it to the AFC Championship last year and lost, but who knows what this year holds?

3. Oakland Raiders (4-12 last season)

Last season did not go so good for the Raiders. After they hired head coach Gruden, one of the first moves that they made was to trade Khalil Mack to the Chicago Bears. Then, they struggled for the rest of their season. Don’t let this fool you though. Right before Derek Carr broke his leg a couple of years ago, he was having an MVP season. Once he fully recovers he will be back ready to ball again. Picking up Antonio Brown was another interesting move by the Raiders this summer. The combination of Carr and Brown will be completely dominant. I also mentioned the irony in the fact that Vontaze Burfict joined the team as well — the player who gave A.B. a concussion a couple of years ago in a very heated game. The Raiders will continue to show the world why the AFC West is the most competitive division.

4. Denver Broncos (6-10 last season)

I don’t know why, it seems like most sports-news stations don’t seem to catch the Broncos a break. Many announcers count them out from winning many games and Mile High Football has proven them wrong multiple different times. And the jewels the team could be the dynamic duos: Miller/ Chubb, Freeman/Lindsay, and Sutton/Sanders. And with adding new offensive line recruits like Dalton Risner or the new Tight End Noah Fant — things are looking good. Not to even mention, the Broncos just picked up a Super-Bowl MVP quarterback, Joe Flacco, that we are yet to see him play as well. A lot of question marks this year for this team but one things for sure, Denver is going to be a major force in the AFC this season.

These are just a small number of observations of these teams — proving, in my opinion, that this is the most competitive division in football. What do you think? Do you believe that the AFC West is the most competitive division in the league right now?