The Perfect Place For The Next XFL Team

Wanna know the best place for the next XFL team?
I’ll give you a hint: It’s a city with warm football weather near the U.S. continental border — full of frustrated football fans who used to cheer for a team that left to go to Los Angeles. Can you guess where it is?
It’s not rocket science. San Diego is a prime destination for the XFL for multiple reasons — ranging from sports culture to the market for XFL teams.

REASON #1: Location

The average temperature for the month of February in San Diego ranges from 51 to 66 degrees fahrenheit. It’s usually sunny with quite a bit of humidity, being right next to the ocean. The location would be a player attraction because of how nice the conditions are year-round — motivating players to stay there all year and train. With exception to the Tampa Bay, which hosts the Vipers, no XFL team location is even close to as nice as San Diego would be.

REASON #2: Desperate Sports Fans

Since Chargers fans in San Diego might be still suffering from a serious case of hometown team football withdrawal syndrome, there would be great amount of demand for more football. And not just football fans, but fans of all sports as well because there are not many professional teams in the area. Warren Smith and Landon Donovan have acknowledged the issue by founding a brand new professional Soccer Club, named the San Diego Loyal, which is set to debut in the USL Championship that begins this March. The San Diego Padres, being a team in Major League Baseball, are also a big part of sports in the city.
But let’s face it. If you were to ask U.S. Sports fans if they would rather watch baseball, soccer, or football, what would most of them say? Yah, football.

REASON #3: The Market

It doesn’t cost a whole lot of money, relative to NFL teams, to start up an XFL team right now. The average salary for a player in the XFL is around $55,000. Head coaches can make up to $500,000 a season with their salary as well. Let’s say they need a practice facility that is worth $5 million and another $5 million for equipment. They probably would need an extra $100,000 a game to rent the SDCCU Stadium (previously known as “Jack Murphy Stadium” when the Chargers played there), because last year when the AAF (American Alliance of Football) was hosted there, they had to pay that much a game — a $25,000 fee per game as well as operating costs and expenses. The AAF program was shut down and has since been replaced by the XFL to provide fans with a longer football season.

So added altogether: a 51-man roster multiplied by $55k, added to $500k, plus $5M and $5M, with $100K times four games (half of the season) the total comes out to about $13.705 Million for the team. I’m sure that there are a few factors left out in this estimations, but these should cover the majority of all the expenses. To really put things into perspective, the salary of the NFL’s highest paid player last season was Russell Wilson, who’s earnings in 2019 from the Seahawks encompassed just about two and a half times the amount that it would cost for a person to start an XFL team in San Diego. It’s crazy!


If the XFL can continually grow, the demand to put more teams in the league will arise. If (even though I think the right term is when) someone or a group were to invest in a team in San Diego, they would not have to put down anywhere near as much money as they would have to do for an NFL team, and they would appeal to a gigantic fanbase that was pretty much swept under the rug.

The nice thing about investing in the XFL is that it is such a small amount of money in comparison in the NFL, that one might see that invested their money in a unique opportunity like this one would only provide room to move up in value.

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