The Patriots De-Gronked (3/28/19)

Recently, the Patriots lost one of their biggest weapons at the tight end position. That weapon’s name is Rob Gronkowski. After a long time contemplating his future, Gronk decided to retire from the NFL on top after coming off his third Super Bowl victory. Despite this, there was a massive amount of controversy between his fans. Some debate why he retired at this point in his career and others wonder why he played for so long after his multiple injuries (including his Achilles and his back).

I think that this was a great lifestyle choice on his part. However, this is going to change the Patriots style of play dramatically, as they can no longer rely on one of the most stable and consistent tight ends in NFL history. This personal decision is good because he can refrain from more injuries. At the pace he was going in his career his body was only going to become more damage-prone. This could be seen by the countless braces he wore in his games due to previous injuries. Even though they looked cool, they underrepresented the physical toll that his body was receiving.

Consequently of this decision, many people are becoming upset and still do not understand why he left. I mean, Gronkowski held the offense together by running consistent routes and blocking any threat to their backfield. Some fans are still questioning why he left, as he has played well through his injuries without diminishing his performance. He was so good that kept a 41 year old quarterback completely healthy for the tight end’s final season, Tom Brady. Tom Brady has announced that he will not retire yet and will continue playing through his 20th NFL season. This is problematic because it means that he can no longer rely on the 6′ 6″, 269 lb. blocker to eliminate possible defensive dangers of the AFC.

Some theorize that he will make an unexpected return, similar to what Jason Witten did with the Cowboys. Personally, I see this as unrealistic but never count out Gronk, because if you do he will either blow your mind or tear up you’re favorite defense.