The Must-Read Timeline of DeChambeau v. Koepka; Golf’s Most Entertaining, Petty Feud

The Notorious Clip

Chances are if you’ve been following sports as a whole to some extent, you’ve seen the clip of an annoyed Brooks Koepka rolling his eyes as Bryson DeChambeau walks behind him.

In the clip, the laid-back Koepka is simply being asked about how he played. As DeChambeau walks behind, it appears as if the simple presence of him throws Koepka off. Koepka rolls his eyes, drops an extensive list of explicits, and sighs while proclaiming he lost his train of thought.

But why? Who cares about someone walking behind you? Why did Koepka act like this?

Well, some argued DeChambeau was talking to Koepka. Some say it was Dechambeau’s metal-spiked golf shoes. The more substantial factor however is the two’s rather lengthy history as far as golf “beef” goes.

A Rivalry…in Golf?!?

Known as the gentlemen’s sport, golf has always had a reserved connotation. It isn’t the same way with the rest of the sports world though.

Ravens vs. Steelers. Red Sox vs. Yankees. Real Madrid vs. Barcelona. Notice how when you go back and think about the grittiest rivalries, even the Capulets and the Montagues, none correlate to golf. Ever.

Since 2019, there’s been one brewing under the rug, one that’s beginning to boil over. It all began with Koepka criticizing DeChambeau’s slower pace of play.

Where it all Began, Koepka’s Nudge

“[Slow play] drives me nuts…it’s kind of embarrassing,” Koepka said during a press conference. The answer was a strong reference to a circulating clip of DeChambeau spending a extended amount of time reading a putt. While something like this seems so simple, as previously mentioned it isn’t “par” for the course when it comes to golf. Post-tournament jabs like this are practically never made, especially when they’re directly calling someone out.

DeChambeau Responds

So, the cocky fitness nut, DeChambeau, takes a jab back. While streaming Fortnite on his Twitch channel, DeChambeau mocks Koepka’s abs that were recently on display in the ESPN Body Issue.

“He didn’t have any abs, I’ll tell ya that…I got some abs.”

Koepka Tweets

Shocking absolutely nobody, Koepka briskly answers. Posting a picture of his four major tournament trophies, proclaiming, “You were right @b_dechambeau I am 2 short of a 6 pack!”

Post-Koepka four pack, everything still felt light hearted — two of the younger, athletic, distinct personalities in golf going back and forth for a little fun. DeChambeau won a tournament, Koepka was out of commission for a while, but then it came right back.

The Fire Ants

DeChambeau hits a drive into the rough and asks a rules official if he can get a drop due to burrowing fire ants near his ball. The official declines the free drop as it had absolutely zero impact on the ball.

The next day, Koepka finds himself by the same tree, in the same rough. Koepka turns to his caddy and says, “look, there’s an ant.” His caddy looks in and Koepka, while laughing, issues a “nah, I’m just kidding.”

Again, more petty, short and sweet jabs. No right hooks. No over-hand lefts. And most definitely no spinning back fists.

The Twitter War

This takes us back to the eye-roll that leads this article off. When the clip initially aired and gained publicity, a special announcement shortly followed. Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady will team up vs. Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers for a charity match.

“Sorry bro @AaronRodgers12,” Koepka Tweets.

“@BKoepka It’s nice to be living rent free in your head!,” DeChambeau responds.

Let’s Go Brooksy!

Koepka doesn’t respond and it moves on once again. That is until at the next tournament. A fan screams “Let’s Go Brooksy! (Koepka’s nickname),” towards DeChambeau after he hits a drive. DeChambeau quickly turns, yells at the fan, and has officials kick him out. News of this breaks, and now after almost every shot DeChambeau is heckled.

DeChambeau and his caddy point out the hecklers and have them kicked out of the venue. Koepka tweets that he and MichelobULTRA will be giving away 50 cases of beer to 50 fans whose time at the course was “cut short,” implying those who were kicked out.

What’s Next

So what’s next? Well, not this weekend but the one following is the U.S. Open: One of the four major tournaments in golf. DeChambeau is the tournament’s reigning champ, and Koepka won in 2018. It only makes sense that the two would just happen to be placed in the same group come the tournament’s start date. It would seem that one sure would think so. However, when the groups were announced by the USGA, we were all disappointed to see the two were in separate groups with Koepka teeing off much earlier than DeChambeau.

Thankfully, presuming both make the cut, there’s always potential for the two to be paired come rounds three and four.