The King, The Brow, The Beard, And The Butler All Interested In 2020 Olympics (9/28/19)

Today was NBA media day. Multiple athletes joined the rallying cry for the Untied States to prove it’s worth in the sport of basketball by expressing interest in the Olympics this summer.

Ever since the United States National Basketball Team lost in the FIBA World Cup a few weeks ago, players have been growing frustrated at the criticism about the U.S. team.

In response to this frustration, multiple NBA superstars have announced publicly that they are going to play for Team USA (Forbes).

At NBA Media day LeBron James was asked about how he feels about the perception of the United States basketball team and whether or not he would be playing in the olympics. He responded:

“I don’t know. I would love to…I was not happy about how we did this summer.”

This means that LeBron is a maybe. And the moment that a superstar like the King of basketball mentions that they would “love” to play, multiple other players start coming forward as well, as they did in this example.

Anthony Davis was asked in an interview on ESPN’s “The Jump” the same question.

“I wanna play, I wanna play USA Basketball if I get the opportunity to do so. If they invite me I definitely would love to do so, Hey Pop, I’m ready.”

James Harden was interviewed at the Rockets’ media day and was also asked if he was going to play on the U.S. national team. He said:

“Of course, that’s one of my goals,”

Jimmy Butler said that he “most definitely” knows he wants in on all of the action too. Can you imagine this team? LeBron, A.D., Harden, Butler, and Curry are going to be pretty hard, if not impossible to beat.

Steph verbally committed to play in Japan this summer before everyone else (Click here to my other article written about the details of Steph Curry joining Team USA for the Olympics). Since Curry has agreed to play, it has given others the strength to join the team and make up for the tragedy that occurred at the FIBA World Cup.

Between Davis’ dominance in the paint, James’ crazy dimes, Harden’s unguardible moves, Jimmy Butler’s offensive power, and Steph’s crazy range, their team is set. Team USA won a gold medal at the 2016 Olympics in Rio with Jimmy Butler and Kevin Durant with a supporting cast. This team could blow other teams out of the water with their offensive skill alone…

Can you imagine the difference in the level of intensity and competitiviness there is between the teams (2016-2020)? We might be witnessing the greatest Olympic basketball team to ever walk on the face of the earth.