The Joker Strikes Again With A 47-Point Night (1/7/20)

The Joker Might Not Be Able To Outsmart His Opponents In Gotham, But He Can In Atlanta.

The Nuggets defeated the Hawks 123-115 last night at State Farm Arena In Atlanta. Nikola Jokic’s 47 points took the spotlight of the game — especially since, he complemented all of the points with zero turnovers. In addition to those amazing stats, the Joker still managed to record eight rebounds and five assists

When asked if he knew what his stats during class:

“I never know that,” he said. “I just liked the flow of the game. I think I made a few shots and got to the line a little bit, and I think the flow was really good for me.”

On the opposing side, Trae Young 29 points and his teammate Kevin Heurter scored 22.

Nikola Jokic is just the third center in NBA history to put up 45 points and not record any turnovers. The other two were 1994 in a Shaquille O’Neal (Nov. 9, 1994, at Hornets) and Moses Malone (April 8, 1987, at Nets). First tracked in 1977-78. Turnovers have been one of the biggest game-changers in games that result in an upset

The Nuggets have shown significant promise in the past couple years with all of the new, young additions in this squad. Now they just have to rally behind a leader to take them to championships. Is Nikola Jokic this next leader? I guess that we will just have to wait and see.

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