The Green Bay “Lackers” (11/4/19)

Saying that the Green Bay Packers had higher hopes for their game against the Los Angeles Chargers yesterday would be complete understatement.

Going into the game, the Packers were 7-1 and the Chargers were 4-4. The Chargers were coming off of a win against the Bears in Chicago, but before it they had really struggled in a three game losing streak to the Broncos, Steelers, and Titans (in that order) — which when looking at the records of all of these teams that had beaten Los Angeles one might notice that they aren’t very good.

The Packers on the other hand were coming off of a four-game winning streak. In the previous four weeks, they had defeated the Cowboys, Lions, Raiders, and Chiefs. Especially in that Raiders game, Aaron Rodgers had really begun to break out of the early-season lags and started kicking it in high gear with five passing touchdowns and one ran in by the quarterback!

In other words, the Packers had the odds in their favor to win this game and it all ways lining up perfectly. Then Joey Bosa happened.

At the end of the game, Rosa had come up with 4 combined tackles and 1.5 sacks. The Chargers defense overall should be accredited for this win. They somehow figured out a way to hold Rodgers to jut one touchdown and just 161 yards.

Melvin Gordon had a great game rushing for the Chargers as well, running for a total of 80 yards and scoring two touchdowns!

The Packers were shut out in the first half and didn’t score until the very end of the third quarter — by kicking a field goal. They later would score again, but regardless, they still lost the game 26-11.

The Packers have some big games coming up here shortly like the 49ers in three weeks.

I think that if the offensive line blocks a little more consistently over their next few games, they will put up a fight that is more substantial against crazy competitive teams like the undefeated 49ers.

On the book, the Packers are one of the best teams in the league but once they step on the field, what really matters is how the game strategy is approached and executed…

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