The Broncos Might Have Found Their Next Manning: Drew Lock Shines In Second Start (12/9/19)

“This guy is a (expletive) rockstar!” Von Miller said in reference to Drew Lock this past Sunday.

Lock was nothing but exceptional in Denver’s 38-24 win against the Texans. The Texans had just gotten off of a win against the Patriots one week ago — holding Tom Brady to 326 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception.

To put things into perspective, Lock put up 309 yards, three touchdowns and one interception. The main difference between the two quarterbacks’ performances was that Tom Brady’s completion percentage on the Pats-Texans game was 51.1% and Drew Lock’s completion percentage yesterday was 81.5%. In twenty more throws, Brady only completed two more passes than Lock (24/47 vs. 22/27). Coming from a rookie on their second start as opposed to a six-time Super Bowl champion and 19-year NFL veteran, this is quite impressive.

The part that shined the most in Lock’s game was that he thrived under pressure. Whether it was a quarterback scramble for a first down or even a 50-yard laser to Noah Fant, nothing seemed impossible for the Broncos’ rookie.

Throughout all of the twelve games played prior to this win, the Broncos scored nothing more than 24 points. To see their rookie score fourteen points more than their season high must have been extremely fulfilling. Drew Lock said in his post-game press conference that they “were ready to rock and roll from the get-go.”

So far, Lock’s Broncos squad have been 2-0 when he has started. Even Gardner Minshew couldn’t top that! Drew’s precision and arm strength have really set him apart from Brandon Allen and Joe Flacco: the other Denver quarterbacks. If he can keep this up, it would be hard to think of any team that could beat these smoking hot Broncos in the rest of their schedule.

The Broncos will most-likely wait through the next couple of games to assess Lock’s performance caliber and make a judgement on whether or not they should keep Joe Flacco. If Lock is even half as good as he was today throughout the rest of the season, I don’t think that they would be keeping Flacco any more. Getting rid of Flacco would free up a large amount of money to put into establishing a stronger offensive line to protect Lock, helping him gain even more success. Plus, since this is his first year, Drew is on a rookie contract — meaning that he will not get paid much for the next few years. Denver should use all of this money to further its offensive potential, in the hypothetical situation that Drew Lock continues to play at the same level and they release Joe Flacco.

John Elway has been in the hot seat for a few years now. Ever since the Broncos won Super Bowl 50 in their 2015 season, they have not made the playoffs — and they most-likely won’t be able to this year either. But if Lock proves himself through the end of the regular season and the Broncos add some depth to their offensive line in the offseason, who knows? Elway might have set the Broncos up with a championship-level offense that will become and remain dominant for over a decade.

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