The 2020-2021 Warriors That No One Is Talking About: NBA Teams are “Panicking” (12/6/19)

To say that the Warriors have been not doing so well would be an understatement. They have been straight up unlucky.

On top of losing to the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals last year — playing six games and losing their last at home — the Warriors have lost other critical things as well.

Kevin Durant’s injury and departure might have been the most detrimental blow to the team. While he was with the Warriors, he was the NBA Finals MVP two out of the three seasons. After he ruptured his achilles tendon in last year’s Finals, he moved to Brooklyn — signing with the Nets.

KD’s injury was not the only one either. One game after Durant suffered that injury to his achilles, Klay Thompson tore his ACL mid-game. He is one of the most consistent three point shooters in the NBA, and losing him meant the Warriors were doomed in their effort to beat the Raptors..

Since KD left and Klay was declared out until the 2020-2021 NBA season, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green were the only all-stars left on the team.

A few weeks in, Steph suffered a broken hand and found out that he would be out for months. Draymond currently is the last all-star standing on the Warriors, and because he focuses on defense and less on offense, the team’s scoring ability has decreased dramatically.

The Warriors did pick up D’Angelo Russell, star of the Brooklyn Nets — who was eventually traded for Andrew Wiggins from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Because of their lack of offense, the Warriors have not had a great season so far. Currently, they are ranked last (#30) in the NBA with their 15-50 record. It’s crazy to see how fast bandwagon attention flips when a team is in a slump. Just recently, they became the first team eliminated from playoff contention after making a finals appearance the year before. The Warriors have had little-to-no recognition in the sports world recently because society supposedly thinks they are irrelevant… but I wouldn’t be so sure.

What most aren’t talking about is the future of this Warriors team. Sure Steph and Klay are both out with injuries and KD has left for good, but there is still hope on the horizon. Both Curry and Thompson will be healthy at the beginning of next season when they become dominant again, and the according to NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh, the other teams in the NBA are panicking:

“The people I talk to around the league are really worried they are going to trade that first-round pick, the 2020 pick, because if they load up with an All-Star-type player with that pick, they are terrified. Or if they land a Luka Doncic in the draft, they’re terrified. So that 2020 pick, adding to the group they have established here with [Eric] Paschall stepping in right away, man, I think every team is going to try to do a gap year.”-Tom Haberstroh said on NBC Sports Bay Area on Wednesday.

If the Warriors were to keep the same record, they would receive a Top-5 pick in the draft. With this pick they could either get a crazy good player similar to Luka Doncic or trade it for another all-star caliber player. And because KD left, they have a $17 million taxpayer exception that they could use on other established NBA players.

It will be interesting to see the chain of events that occur during this season. Will the Warriors trade their pick or will they keep it to draft a player like LaMelo Ball? What player will they get with their $17 million TPE? All of these questions will likely be answered soon.
But in the meantime, the losing-record Warriors are not doing so well.. but do not be fooled, there is always more than meets the eye.

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