The 2019 NFL Draft for Dummies (4/10/19)

After a quick football season in 2018, NFL fans might not even know what year it is, let alone what’s happening in this year’s draft. With the National Football League’s 84th annual draft coming up April 25th-27th, many sports fans are stuck questioning what the prospects look like this year. Here are some things that will help you understand the 2019 NFL Draft better.

First off, if you don’t know what the draft will look like overall this year, making it hard to talk to your football-fan friends, perhaps this may be of assistance — The weight of this draft is very lopsided toward the defensive line. In other words, teams that struggled this year with their pass rush are in for a treat!

I’m picking one Defensive End to be drafted first above other defensive recruits (and possible go #1 in this year’s draft): Nick Bosa. In my opinion, he is the best pass-rusher in this draft (If his name rings a bell but you don’t know why, don’t worry I was in the same boat). His older brother Joey was the 2017 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, and currently is one of the biggest threats on the defensive side of the ball in the AFC West. In other words, Nick Bosa grew up training with the best, so that could be why he is so darn good. One of his best highlights was one play where him and his teammates destroyed Oregon State in their own end zone resulting in him scoring a touchdown!

Typically in NFL Drafts, offensive players get most of the spotlight. If you have heard anything about the top offensive recruits this year, you may be familiar with three names: Kyler Murray, T. J. Hockenson, and Hakeem Butler.

Now, Kyler is an all-around rockstar athlete. Not only did he play as quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners, but he also was an outfielder on their baseball team. According to the MLB Pipeline, he was the number 36 prospect for the 2018 MLB draft. Kyler is expected to go #1 in the NFL Draft, so it just shows that he is part of a rare kind: A multi-sport athlete.

T.J. Hockenson is a standout player, particularly because few tight ends will be drafted this year. People are expecting him to be the tenth pick of the draft. Guess who has the tenth pick of the draft?…….THE BRONCOS! To say the least, the Broncos have struggled tremendously the past couple years with their offense. After making a bold move to pick up veteran quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco, they will need to fill the Tight End gap. They have not been using tight ends in recent years because they don’t have a whole lot to work with except injured ones. Flacco works well with tight ends so, I would be surprised if they didn’t pick Hockenson up this year.

Even though these guys seem like crazy weapons, the secret steal of the draft could be someone else. The man’s name is Hakeem Butler, another freak athlete. As a 6 foot 6, 225 lb. wide receiver, it’s safe to say he can get the job done. His season last year as a junior was absolutely phenomenal, having 60 receptions for 1,318 yards and scoring nine touchdowns in the process. Well, at least it was a big jump from his red shirt freshman year where he only had nine receptions for 134 yards and two touchdowns. What this tells me is that he has a crazy work ethic, even when no one is looking. This has contributed to his success, and if he stays healthy, the sky is the limit to his future as a football player. According to the NFL Instagram page, Calvin Johnson (nicknamed Megatron from his crazy dominant years as a wide receiver for the Detroit Lions) said in reference to Butler, “Looking at him reminds me so much of myself.” Personally, this could possibly be the best compliment a wide receiver can get, coming from a Madden Cover athlete, which even for NFL stars is a very exclusive feat.

Overall, This draft is looking great for most teams who need to upgrade their defensive line and for a couple of offensive recruits. It will be interesting to see how well all of these players respond to the change in competition. The NFL Draft is on NFL Network, ABC, or ESPN on April 25, 26, and 27th, or stay tuned for the premiere of the Christian and DeMonte Show, held on our Youtube channel and website, where we will talk more about it.


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