Spencer Dinwiddie On The Nets’ Rough Loss To The Knicks: ‘Too Much Eggnog?’ (12/27/19)

Spencer Dinwiddie of the Brooklyn Nets. Photo Courtesy of Erik Drost – Spencer Dinwiddie, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=67193885

Spencer Dinwiddie had a point when he said that the Nets might have had ‘Too much eggnog’ before their game, following their 94-82 loss to the New York Knicks. This was the worst shooting performance that any team has done this season — making just 21-of-78, or 26.9% of their shots. The Chicago Bulls had set the previous record for worst shooting percentage exactly two months ago, when they made only 29.9% from the field against the Toronto Raptors.

The Nets also made the least amount of 2-point FGs in a game in 69 years, making just eight 2-point shots. The last time a team did so bad offensively was in 1950 when the Lakers and Pistons both made just four shots a piece with a final score of 19-18, as reported by Elias Sports.

This loss must have hurt even worse for Brooklyn, knowing that the Knicks are currently second-to-last in the NBA Eastern Conference Rankings with an 8-24 record, Unlike New York, Brooklyn is just over .500 with a 16-14 record and are ranked 7/15 in the East.

However Julius Randle, forward for the Knicks, had a great night by putting up 33 points and 8 rebounds.

“We were just sharp. To hold that team to 82 points, 14 points in the paint, is just really, really sharp,” Randle said. “We grinded the whole way, played a complete basketball game and we got the win.”

The Brooklyn Nets have been out of luck because their two NBA All-Stars that they picked up in free agency are both sitting on the bench with injuries. Kevin Durant Ruptured his Achilles and Kyrie has been diagnosed with “Thoracic Bursitis,” which is a mystery in-and-of itself. Brooklyn might have an ulterior motive that is keeping Kyrie from playing time too. The NBA Draft is approaching and nothing seems sweeter than getting a high draft pick next season, to go along with a healthy Kyrie and KD.


Both teams are on the road this Sunday. New York will take on Washington and Brooklyn will visit Houston.