Rookies and the NFL Rule Changes.

Going from a 14 game season with playoffs to a 17-game season with pre-season plus potentially longer playoffs? For some rookies, this will be the reality. While the pre-season will only be 3 games from now on, regular-season games are by far more intense, additionally with one less game the opportunity for players to compete for a roster go down so rookies may play more often in the pre-season as well. This doesn’t mean veterans won’t be impacted as well – I would not be surprised if some sat out more plays or games depending on a team’s success. There could be huge positives too, however. Records will be broken, players could develop faster too. I think an additional change should be made in the upcoming CBA contract to allow for larger rosters and have more players suit up game-day. The revenue generated by more regular-season plus when the salary cap re-balances out will allow for these bigger changes.

What do you think?