Rodgers Has Support of Teammates as Holdout Begins

Tuesday marked the first day of mandatory minicamp for the Green Bay Packers. But as expected, the Packers were without their MVP signal caller Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is in line to receive a fine from the Packers for missing minicamp, but it has been rumored that the Packers will waive the fine as a sign of good faith. The Packers are trying everything in their power to rebuild their relationship with the 2020 NFL MVP.

Rodgers’ absence is the talk of the town in Green Bay. This in turn has sparked a common question for Packers players. When asked about his future Hall of Fame quarterback, Davante Adams said, “I’ll stand on the mountain and scream on the mountain top that I got his back.” Another fellow teammate, David Bakhtiari said, “I care about Aaron Rodgers from a friend perspective… I will never hold any grudge against him.’ It is clear Rodgers has not lost the loyalty of Green Bay’s top players. The two would go on to say that they would love to have Rodgers back on the field, but support him as well.

There is still time for a peaceful resolution between Rodgers and the Packers, but the time is ticking. Rodgers has shown no intention of returning to the Packers, and reports say he has no plan to return. The front office and head coach Matt Lafleur have said they have no idea when or if Rodgers will return to the field. The only person that knows how this timetable will play out is Rodgers himself. With Rodgers’ silence to the media, his future in Green Bay is “a beautiful mystery”.

Stay tuned as more details come in!