Possible Trade For Devin Booker?

Let’s face it: Devin Booker has done a lot as a 23 year-old point guard in the NBA: Everything from making the All-Star team to dropping 70 points in a game. But even in his success, one major limitation has kept him back from reaching his full potential: the Phoenix Suns.

The Suns have been struggling lately to get wins — injuries, suspensions, and just lack-of-depth have really hurt their team. If Devin Booker wants to win championships in the near future, he might have to get out of Phoenix. But the big question is how?

It requires a trade. A trade with a team that needs young point guard talent with superstar potential. And that team is the San Antonio Spurs.

FULL DISCLAIMER: I find it very unlikely that the Phoenix Suns would want to trade Devin Booker — no matter the offers they receive. People don’t buy tickets in Phoenix to watch the Suns, they buy them to watch Devin Booker. Booker has been with Phoenix his whole career, and has brought a significant portion of people to the Suns’ current fanbase. It would be hard to imagine that the Suns would ever consider trading him away. However, with the right push (perhaps Devin Booker demanding a trade) as well as the right offer — Booker could easily be sent to San Antonio without too much trouble.

The Deal:

It is no secret: Right now the San Antonio Spurs could really use a superstar point guard to help compliment the abilities of DeMar DeRozan at small forward. Patty Mills, Derrick White, and Dejounte Murray have all shown to be good role-players on the team, but none of them have really shown superstar potential in the past season. That’s why a deal should be made.

Spurs Get: Devin Booker from Suns

Suns Get: LaMarcus Aldridge and the 2020 11th overall pick

This might seem outrageous, but it could prove to be a good deal. First off, if the Spurs get Devin Booker alongside DeMar DeRozan — they would host one of the greatest duos in the league — possibly ready to make another run at the Finals. The loss of LaMarcus Aldridge could seem like a big hit for San Antonio (which, I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t), but in all reality he is getting older — and is certainly not the player he used to be. But Aldridge still has the championship experience that the Suns would be looking for. The 11th overall pick could fill in Devin Booker’s place as well — with Cole Anthony being projected as the 11th overall pick. He is a great point guard that would fit well with the Suns.

What all this really comes down to is whether-or-not San Antonio is looking to win fast. If so, trading for Devin Booker is their best option. If Phoenix continues their rebuilding stage (which, at this point, seems most-like the case), grabbing Cole Anthony in the draft should fulfill their needs of potential superstar point guard.

If San Antonio is looking to win fast and Phoenix feels that they are still in the rebuilding stage, this trade could be an absolute possibility.