Pat Shurmur: Eli ‘Did A Lot Of Great Things’ Despite Loss (12/10/19)

After Daniel Jones was injured and declared unable to play against the Eagles last night, the Giants decided to start their two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback for the first time since Week 2 of this season. Eli Manning put on a show in the first half of the Giants game last night by throwing two touchdowns and establishing a 17-3 lead over the Eagles. Unfortunately, New York could not hold on and Philadelphia came in and beat them 23-17 in overtime.

The Eagles were smoking hot in the second half. Carson Wentz threw both of his two passing touchdowns in the last 24 minutes of play, resulting in him going 33-50 for 325 yards. Running back Boston Scott ran 59 yards for 10 carries and also scored a touchdown in the second half. They were on fire!

Eli Manning’s wife and brother Peyton were in attendance during the game. Eli was asked about the importance of having his family support him in a game like this and his reaction was sort-of depressing:

“[I] Hadn’t played in a few months,” he said. “I don’t know if I’m gonna play again. So it was pretty obvious why it was important.”

This was a big deal for the Manning family. Rumor has it that even Abby Manning, Peyton’s wife, broke her own “rule” about not going to games in Philadelphia because of the intense crowd, went to support her brother-in-law too. They all truly must have felt that this could have been Eli’s last game.

Ever since Tom Coughlin left and Pat Shurmur came on as the head coach, Eli has seemed to perform at a lower level. Part of it might be from aging, but most-likely it also has to do with a different coaching style. And since the Giants picked up Daniel Jones in the draft and have already seemed to place a higher priority over him, Manning’s future with the team is uncertain. To read more about what happened to Eli Manning’s career, click here.

Shurmur and Manning have had their disagreements on playing styles, but even Pat still recognized the incredible first-half performance on Eli’s part:

” I thought he battled. He did a lot of good things.” Pat Shurmur said after the game.

Regardless of whatever Shurmur said, he still has shown heavy support on keeping Daniel Jones as the Giants’ starting quarterback. And with the possibility in mind of Jones making a return before the season is over, we might be witnessing the end of the Manning era.

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