NYJ Starting QB Spot Must ‘Be Earned,’ Says Zach Wilson

New York Jets rookie quarterback Zach Wilson is not taking his circumstances for granted. Even though Wilson said that being Week One’s starting QB is “important” to him in a press conference Saturday, his priorities are elsewhere.

“My focus is to learn the offense, keep getting better every single day, do what I can with the guys around me, and I think the rest takes care of itself,” Wilson said. “In this position, the coaches want to play the best player, and that position has gotta be earned.”

With Sam Darnold being traded to the Panthers, the 21-year old rookie is facing off against James Morgan and Mike White at the quarterback position this season (neither of which have played a NFL regular season game).

With training camp approaching, many are expecting the Jets to also sign a veteran quarterback to help mentor Zach Wilson. Who will that be? We will just have to wait and see.