Not So Free Agency: Adam Silver On Possibly Changing Deadlines Next Season (7/10/19)

Technically, NBA teams are not supposed to talk with players until free agency begins — but we all know that they still find a way to get around that. And according to Boston Globe writer Gary Washburn, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is not very happy about it either,
“To certain extent, we always knew there was some leakage and some slippage around that deadline…we will revisit those deadlines.”

Wow! Not only is the commissioner unhappy with the deadlines, but he also is willing to possibly change them in the future. He mentioned that there still is some accepted talk before free agency, but what has happened this year has crossed the line.

July 6th is the date when teams can officially sign and/or trade players, but the moratorium starts June 30th. So yah, a lot of gray are there. Perhaps the most interesting part is that just after the first six hours of the moratorium, teams had already spent $2.73 in combined spending:

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, if everyone was forced to participate by the rules, then each team would have equal opportunity to talk to future recruits. In contrast to that opinion, it would be extremely hard to monitor that kind of communication. Most of the time it is extremely informal — like when LeBron came to LA, Magic Johnson literally came inside of his house and hung out talking about the NBA and life. Personally, I look forward to this week every year because it is fun to wait in suspense to see where the biggest NBA Superstars are going to go…

What do you think? Do you think that these rules should be re-evaluated?