Niners Rout Rams To Eliminate Them From Playoff Contention (12/22/19)

What a crazy night in the NFL. 49ers fans were left exhilarated, while Rams fans were devastated. San Francisco and L.A. battled it out all the way until the end.

Crash-Course of the Game:

At the very beginning of the second quarter, the score read 49ers 15 (points) and Rams 14 (points). Luckily for the 49ers, they were only a few plays away from an 81-yard kickoff return that ultimately led them to a field goal.

After their rough patch in the 1st quarter, the Niners were set up with two 75-yard scoring drives that both ended in touchdowns:

After a rough third quarter for San Francisco, they were trailing 28-24. But then in the fourth George Kittle scored a touchdown to give themselves the 31-28 lead.

The Rams followed up that Niners touchdown with a field goal to tie the game 31-31. San Francisco got the ball back with just over two minutes left, the 49ers received the ball. First down — 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo was sacked for a six-yard loss. The second play was an incomplete pass. On 3rd down & 16 Garoppolo connected with WR Emmanuel Sanders, newly traded from the Broncos this season, for a 46 yard gain that ultimately led to the game-winning field goal. Final Score: San Francisco 34 – Los Angeles 31.

Game Leaders:

Surprisingly, neither quarterback carried their team. Jared Goff threw 27/46 for 323 yards, with two touchdowns and one interception. Jimmy Garoppolo went 16/27 for 248 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions. Todd Gurley II, Brandin Cooks, and Cooper Kupp scored two, one, and one touchdown respectively. San Francisco relied heavily on rushing as well, with both Raheem Mostert and Debby Samuel scoring touchdowns. TE George Kittle led the Niners’ receiving with 79 yards and one touchdown.

Closing Thoughts:

It was truly shocking to see last year’s NFC champs get eliminated from playoff contention, but the 49ers are a completely different team this year. Bringing the injured players back fully healthy and adding on to the depth of their roster has really brought out the 49ers this season. But one thing’s for sure: if San Francisco wants to have any chance at winning the NFC title, especially against extremely competitive teams like the New Orleans Saints, Jimmy G, will have to come up clutch at the end. If that happens, the sky is the limit for their team.

Photo Credit:

By Jeffrey Beall – Own work, CC BY 4.0,