NFL Releases The Names Of Ten Quarterbacks Added To Their All-Time Team (12/28/19)

In honor of the NFL’s 100th season, the league has decided to make a list of 100 players and coaches that are so-called their All-Time Team.

Yesterday, the NFL released a list of ten names of their picks for the greatest quarterbacks ever on their All-Time Team. Names include Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Dan Marino, John Elway, Roger Staubach, Sammy Baugh, Otto Graham, and Johnny Unitas.

We have been so blessed in the world of sports to witness such greatness throughout the years at the quarterback position. Anywhere from Peyton Manning’s incredible offensive mind to Tom Brady’s serious clutch-ness… the list goes on.

Even though each quarterback might seem similar in career skill and talent, I see one quarterback that stands out alone. That QB is Tom Brady.

Even though 31 teams in the league have strong feelings of frustration with him, due to the incredible success of the Patriots in recent years, the NFL very well might view him as their most-qualified nomination out of the ten.

Out of his 284 career games over the course of 20 seasons, Tom Terrific has won 219 and lost 63. To give some perspective, the Cleveland Browns have lost 70 games in the past six seasons. This alone is incredible.

Tom Brady has maintained a 97.0 Quarterback Rating and is ranked fifth of all time in career QBR, even while he is still currently playing at age 42. Tom Brady is the aged, fine-wine of the National Football League.

The biggest qualifier for Brady is most likely that he has six Super Bowl rings and 3 NFL MVP awards. He holds the record for most SB wins of any player to ever compete in the league. In his latest title win, Super Bowl 53, Number 12 was 41 years old. This kind of continued dominance of a quarterback had not been seen in the history of the NFL before, that is until Brady came into the picture.

The other quarterbacks nominated have all had amazing careers. In that list there are great passers, strong leaders, and extremely athletic quarterbacks and I believe each one deserves a spot on that All-Time List. But if there was only one spot, I would give it to Tom Brady. He has shown true mastery of the quarterback position.

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