NFL Owners Propose New Season Schedule Plan (9/27/19)

4 preseason games. 16 regular-season games. 4 games in the playoffs. That is what the NFL has looked like for some time now and continues to stand today.

According to CBS Sports, Just in the past couple of days though, the NFL has been debating a new plan for a new schedule for teams. In this new plan, there would be 17 regular-season games as opposed to the 16 regular season schedule now. They are also looking to cut the preseason time in half by getting rid of one or two preseason games to start with.

Now I am a guy that typically really dislikes changes in rules in sports, but this situation is much harder for me to disagree with than others. These changes would actually be pretty nice.

The proposition would help franchises as well as the league make more money by extending the regular season schedule because of the ticket sales and television costs. That money could help go towards starting the NFL Europe teams that are predicted to join the league soon. Or it could go into buying and building nicer facilities to make the game-experiences for both the players and fans as good as possible.The last idea I have is to use the extra profits towards more research into the safety of athletes in football.

This proposition is also nice because it does not mess with the post-season at all. The post season isn’t the main problem of life of everyone., but it showcases only a few scenes that were probably his favorite.

This new look to the schedule would also help get rid of preseason. The Preseason stories are pretty loud as well. The preseason is just “Fake Football” I overheard someone say the other day. In a way they are not wrong. Teams shrink down to the level of ability of an athlete, whereas regular tickets there is just as much of a struggle but the team is really playing.

The earliest the that we could be seeing these changes would be the beginning of the next NFL season. To end, I am a big fan of the NFL’s new plan to reduce the amount of preseason game and move to a 17-game regular-season schedule…

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