My Top Sports Moment For Every Year Of The Decade (12/31/19)

We as sports fans have been extremely blessed to witness some incredible events in the world of sports over the past ten years. It’s always great to see an underdog go the distance and show off their swagger in clutch moments. It also can be amusing to look over the iconic mistakes of the decade as well. Below are the events that I believe best define our decade in the world of sports:


Drew Brees and the Saints win their first Super Bowl.


Dirk Nowitzki defeats LeBron and the Heat Superteam in an absolute stunner.


The Denver Broncos sign Peyton Manning.


The Notorious Super Bowl Blackout.


Richard Sherman Rants To Erin Andrews.


The Pacquiao/Mayweather Fight.


LeBron Fulfills Promise To Bring Cleveland an NBA title.


Tom Brady leads crazy comeback against the Atlanta Falcons.


The Minneapolis Miracle.


Kawhi’s Clutch Buzzer Beater that sent the Raptors to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Runner Up (2016)

Stephen Curry buried a clutch three in overtime to lead the Warriors over the Thunder.

Unfortunately, the 2010s are over, but that doesn’t mean that sports are done. Sports have no limits. They can withstand time, among other things, and will only become more entertaining to watch as time progresses. If anything, we are about to step into the greatest decade of sports accomplishment yet.

Cover Photo:

“Tom Brady: 30×40 Signed Collector’s Canvas”byMatthew Sharpeis licensed underCC BY-NC-ND 4.0