My Step-By-Step Process To A 2020 Lakers Title (6/23/19)

I took this photo when I was given the opportunity to watch the Lakers play the Jazz last year! It was surreal to see LeBron in purple and gold!

In wake of current events, I feel that it would be appropriate to start putting the Lakers in the conversation for the possible 2020 champs. After a year of waiting, for those of you who do not know, Anthony Davis was just recently traded from the New Orleans Pelicans. It was a massive deal that absolutely shook up the league. Last season he was an NBA finalist for the KIA MVP and the DPOY (Defensive player of the year) award. This is because he is an absolute alien in the paint. Whether it is dunking over people or swatting their shots, Davis is a beast. And yet this could still be considered an “addition” to the team, considering Los Angeles acquired King James last year. What’s more, both of them are friends! Just recently, the cast of SpaceJam 2 was released, and both of them are in it together. The two are both family men and live similar lifestyles. In other words: They are going to have a certain chemistry that will be unmatchable this upcoming season — and if the Lakers can already put together a squad like they have right now, then more stars will come as well. Because of all of this, I have put together a “to-do list”, if you will, of what the Lakers Organization needs to do to assure themselves of a Larry O’brien trophy next year…

1.Acquire Warriors’ Adams
First and foremost, the Lakers should add a few more experienced coaches to the roster that will help new head coach Frank Vogel and assistant coaches Jason Kidd and Lionel Hollins. Recently in the news, I heard that the Lakers were just given permission to talk to Ron Adams — the assistant coach of the Warriors. Now, the Warriors are arguably the best shooting team in the NBA, and having a coach with that kind of expertise could be useful for a team that doesn’t have a true shooter.

2. Free up cap space
Item two on the list would be freeing up more cap space to possibly obtain another superstar — which brings me to my next point.

3.Pick up a shooter
Obviously the Lakers squad is pretty scary as is, but they are going to need to get a shooting guard to complete their team. There are a lot of notable players that most-definitely could be added, but here are the few options that I believe to be the most realistic.

-Carmelo Anthony: I personally wouldn’t want this option very much — because Carmelo tends to be a ball hog. Despite that unnattractive detail, his style of play could work very well with the Lakers. Not many other people (if any) would be shooting a lot of threes on the team, and if no one is going to take the shot then mine as well have someone shoot them. Also, LeBron is very close friends with him — so, who knows? The King has a lot of say in their franchise…

-Kawhi Leonard: This one will be hard to get, but I could definitely see a one-year contract with the finals MVP. I feel that he is super happy to have just won the NBA Finals this year and it probably feels good to be a champion, but he just doesn’t seem extremely satisfied with the Canadian franchise. When DeMar DeRozan was with the Raptors, he seemed to love the environment that he was in, but now that they have acquired Kawhi it just doesn’t seem that way anymore. This is a possibility and if the Lakers were to land him in free agency, good night sports fans because we already would have a champion.

-Kemba Walker: Kemba is a great player that shoots the ball extremely well and could help play point guard as well. Rajon Rondo will be a good point guard this season, but it could be nice for backup.

-Kyrie Irving: Ok, this would literally cripple the NBA. Back when LeBron and Kyrie were teammates, they beat the defending champion Warriors in the NBA Finals a few years back. That was without Anthony Davis. The trio would be unstoppable! James and Irving did talk very discreetly in one game this season by covering up their mouths with their jerseys. LeBron did that to Lonzo Ball before he became a Laker (which Lonzo already was, so he must have been talking about a potential move). He also talked to Davis with a covered mouth last season — and now he is on the Lakers! Does this mean that Kyrie is next? We will just have to wait and see…

-D’Angelo Russell: This option could be the best monetary-wise for the team, because Russell is still pretty new in the league. That means that he won’t get payed as much as others. Also, he is a good shooter so he would be useful to the group…

-Notable Candidates: Klay Thompson and Dwayne Wade. I absolutely believe that if Klay had not torn his ACL this season, that he would have went to the lakers indefinitely. His dad was a Laker, and he was probably just tired of being under Stephen Curry’s shadow for so long. Also, Dwayne Wade might want to play with LeBron again because they are literal BFFs. To be precise, Wade just moved his son Zaire to a different high school in Los Angeles so that he could play with James’ son, Bronny. Coincidence?

4.Figure out a way to keep JaVale McGee
Ok I’ll be honest, I just want to see a death Lineup in a 2/3 zone that had McGee, James, and Davis all together. It would be hilarious to see an opponent try and drive to the basket with all of them in the way!

So yah, the Lakers are really good right now — but I don’t quite think that they are finals ready yet. They need to fill the huge gap int their lineup.

They need a shooter…