Meet The New Ben: My 2019-2020 NBA MVP Candidate (10/8/19)

At first when Julius Erving said that Ben Simmons may be a “Once-in-a-lifetime player.” I thought that he had gone crazy. The first players that come to mind when I think about a someone of that caliber, would be Michael Jordan (NBA dominance), Steph Curry (three-point range), or Kevin Durant (Who I would argue is the most crazy offensive machine of all time through both his shooting from beyond the arc and crazy slasher skills). I didn’t usually think of Ben Simmons, not because he wasn’t good, but because he was young player that moved from Australia and didn’t play any college basketball. Tonight I was proven wrong completely.

Tonight the Philadelphia 76ers beat the Guangzhou Long-Lions 144-86. In the game, Ben Simmons only played 21 out of the 48 minutes and yet he still put up impressive numbers. He had 21 points (9-14 FG), 8 rebounds, and 7 assists. That’s pretty close to a triple double — which makes it all the more impressive when finding out that he didn’t even play half of the game.

The most impressive piece of tonight didn’t have as much to do with stats. It dealt with unlocking new potential. Right before the half, Ben Simmons was given the ball with only seconds left and a running clock. Instead of driving into an extremely crowded lane, he just decided to take a three from Curry range.

This was so impressive because sports analysts often would be concerned on h Ben Simmons is now officially a 100% two-way player. Despite only being 1-1 from three, he still found a way to shoot an open shot with he defender at the post.

Because of all of this, I really don’t see any one else beating Ben Simmons at the MVP candidate because of his dominance in a ll different sides of the game. We watched Ben Simmons 1.0 compete at an extremely high intense work, but now he can shoot, drive, pass, and rebound. It is rare to find all of these traits in a single player.

Ben Simmons posted multiple videos of him working so hard on his three over the summer, apparently it has began to pay off. I realize that Ben Simmons is one of the less-popular stars in the league, but that does bot mean that he has grown. Because of this, I believe that Simmons has the MVP candidate of the season

What do you think? Do you agree with Christian and believe that he Ben Simmons deserves the 2019-2020 MVP award? Why or why not?

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By Keith Allison –, CC BY-SA 2.0,