Meet Bronny James: The Future Prince Of Basketball. (7/25/19)

Who is Bronny James?

To many, he is the 14 year-old son of the Lakers All-Star Forward LeBron James. To others, he is an Instagram influencer (Within 1 day of publishing his Instagram account, Bronny already had collected 1 million followers). To others, he is their classmate and/or teammate. Add to that list future prince of basketball, because ladies and gentlemen: We have found a stud!

This 6’2″ freshman is ready to break some ankles and put some people on posters in high school this season. He already had began dunking in 8th grade, and his vertical keeps on getting better and better — a video was posted of him attempting a dunk in a game a few days ago.

It’s crazy to see the resemblance between Bronny and his dad!

An even bigger factor is what’s going on behind the scenes. His father, LeBron James, is not only known for his amazing ability to play the game — but to also instruct players and help them get better. Many of his current and former teammates have credited their improvements of their own game to the useful advice he has given them. He is basically an on-court coach. If you watch the Lakers this year, look to see if in the middle of an offensive possession LeBron points towards his teammates and tells them where to go — and if he is, you will see his coaching on the court in action!

If he is that good of a coach on the court, one could only imagine how great of a coach he would be working with his son without the constant spotlight of cameras and loud shouts from the crowd in a game. King James wants his son to succeed — which means that he will most-likely teach Bronny everything he knows. Imagine if LeBron had a mentor with 16 years of NBA experience to instruct him on the game that early… he might even be better than he is now! I can also assume that in addition to getting the best-possible basketball training, he is dieting and exercising well so that his health can reach its full potential. Most people don’t realize it, but dieting and working out needs to become a habit for basketball players to play their best. Because of the people his dad knows, he will get all of the right workouts, meals, and recovery — down to a science. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not in any way shape or form saying that his success will have only come from his unique opportunities, a lot of it comes from hard work — because “Grit don’t quit,” as Michael Brown, of would say!

So long story short, Bronny James is looking like quite a bright, future star with untapped potential. That potential could propel him down the path to become an NBA legend. The one question I have is: Will LeBron James hand the throne over and retire before his son enters the league, or will he stay to make sure that he can keep it?

What do you think? Will Bronny follow his father’s footsteps and make it to NBA Superstardom?