Mayweather and Paul Go the Distance

With no knockouts and no judges to score the bout, the historic Paul vs. Mayweather fight ends with a page un-turned. Thankfully, the fights that lead up to Paul and Mayweather were pure entertainment. Here are the key takeaways:

Johnson vs. Maxwell

In the first fight on the main card, viewers got to see former NFL All-Pro Chad Johnson throw on the gloves against Brian Maxwell. Johnson showed poise and strength against the more experienced Maxwell. It is extremely fair to say Johnson impressed viewers despite getting knocked down at one point. He got back up and finished strong in his first boxing fight ever. After all, who doesn’t love celebrity boxing?

Hurd vs. Arias

Next, Hurd vs. Arias…this fight was an absolute slugfest. Both fighters left with bumps, bruises, and cuts. It went the distance, and Arias was awarded the win. The scorecards showed a split decision as this fight was extremely close. It was an upset record-wise with Hurd being the big favorite going into the match. Hurd was 24-1 prior to last night, and will now be 24-2 due to a great showing by Arias.

Jack vs. Colina

The only knockout of the night came in fight #3. Badou Jack put on a clinic against Dervin Colina, who simply did not look like he wanted to be there. The knockout came in just the fourth round. Colina entered 15-0 though none of his opponents were notable. This was his first fight outside of his home country, and it may be his last given the result. At 23-3-3, Jack was simply looking to get in and get out. That he certainly did. The 37-year-old will look to join the title mix at 175 following his win.

Paul vs. Mayweather

For anyone, going the distance with Floyd “Money” Mayweather is an accomplishment. So to see Logan Paul come in and last eight rounds with such a remarkable fighter is legendary. Although Paul’s striking was not prolific, his defense was enough to ensure he did not end up on the mat.

The fight had a lot of grappling and holding. Mayweather is known by all as being defensive, and that reputation was maintained against Paul. The biggest “win” of last night is the fact that Paul lasted eight rounds with one of boxing’s greatest.

Mayweather described Paul post-fight as a “great young fighter, strong, tough.” “He’s better than I thought he was,” he continued.

As for Paul, post-fight spirit was high.

“I don’t want anyone to tell me anything is impossible ever again…I’m the Maverick, I go right when they go right…everyone can beat the odds and do great things in life,” he said.

What’s Next?

Mayweather was asked about whether or not he’d consider another exhibition-style fight in the future. He referred to his age as a deterrent but was adamant about the fun he had.

Paul, in his post-fight interview, whilst smiling towards Mayweather, joked about a potential rematch. Only time will tell if fans will see a sequel.

For now, Logan Paul’s brother, Jake, is set to fight former UFC Welterweight Champion, Tyron Woodley. The fight will occur on Saturday, August 28th. Jake, who was really prevalent during the lead-up and publicity of this bout, will likely have just as many eyes on him come August.