Mahomes Vs. Jackson: The Birth Of A New Era Of Quarterbacks (9/23/19)

If you were to tell me three years ago that both the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens were going to give up their accomplished veteran quarterbacks for a couple of NFL sophomores, I would guess that you were on something. Good thing I’m not an NFL coach! Ever since the Chiefs got rid of Alex Smith and the Ravens got rid of Joe Flacco, their teams have seemed to be doing much better; not because those quarterbacks are bad because they are both pretty good. The real reason why they have done so much better in the absence of those older quarterbacks is because it has provided the younger ones to showcase their talent.

Today, we saw the two battle it out head-to-head. Lamar Jackson played ok, with being 22/43 for 267 yards of passing. He also had one rushing touchdown. On the other side, Patrick Mahomes had one of the greatest games of his life. He too competed 22 yards, expect he threw less than Lamar did, showing his accuracy and quarterback wisdom of being on the job for one year longer….

Mahomes is joked around as like the next Tom Brady, and Lamar Jackson is ridiculed for the way that he likes to run the football so much. Both quarterbacks are more athletic than most of the other quarterbacks in the league and will most-likely expose an evolved way of playing football in the next few years.

We have began to see younger quarterbacks take veteran’s spots in New Orleans, Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, and in New York on the Giants. Injuries and weird matchups often will give these younger players the opportunity to perform and they can either do one of two things: Dominate or Choke…

The stats on top are pretty amazing, all things considered, both of the Ravens and Chiefs have an amazing quarterback now. The real question I’m wondering is who’s next to join Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes? And what team will he come from?