Legacy Snapshot: Michael Jordan Hits ‘The Last Shot’ in Game 6 of the ’98 NBA Finals

It’s 1998, Game 6 of the NBA Finals, 17 seconds on the clock. Michael Jordan dribble drives to the right, snatches back to the left, pulls up from beyond the foul-line, and sinks it. The infamous picture of MJ shooting with Jazz defender Byron Russell on the ground is taken, and printed on newspapers around the world.

Chicago hold a one-point lead heading into a Jazz inbound with 5.2 seconds to go. The pass to John Stockton at the top of the key is a success. His jump shot is not. Jordan jumps in the air as the buzzer sounds, and emphatically first pumps the air. He holds six fingers to the crowd for each of the six championships he has won.

The name, ‘The Last Shot,’ is coined as MJ doesn’t ever take another as a Chicago Bull.

“I think it was a very defining moment of what my career was in Chicago. It goes back to the actual beginning. My career actually began on a shot to win a championship in 1982, in essence of who Michael Jordan became and who Michael Jordan was ended with that shot in 1998” – Jordan, in an interview on the memorable moment.

The 1982 shot references a MJ game-winner in the ’82 NCAA Championship back when Jordan was a Carolina Tar Heel. The ’98 shot of course refers the infamous last shot of Jordan’s career as a Bull.