LaMelo: The Background Of The Projected 6th Pick Of The 2020 NBA Draft.

The youngest child on the reality tv show: Ball in the Family, is a about to finally fulfill his dreams and become an NBA player.

In the newly-released NBA mock draft for this next season, LaMelo got drafted 6th by the Phoenix Suns (Az Central). It’s impressive enough to get drafted in the NBA, let alone to get picked 6th overall! But ball has been a big part of the family business for the Ball’s. In the 2017 NBA Draft, Lonzo Ball — LaMelo’s older brother — was drafted 2nd overall by the Los Angeles Lakers. So he is no stranger to incredible basketball talent.

LaMelo’s sensational basketball career can be traced all the way back to his freshman year in high school, where both Lonzo and LiAngelo played with their younger brother and helped the Chino Hills high school basketball team win a state championship.

After Lonzo left, ‘Gelo and ‘Melo were still playing at an insane level. In fact, LaMelo went full-on Kobe in his Sophomore year of high school, by scoring a lot of points in multiple games. Below is a video highlights of him dropping 92 points in one game that year.

Now, I do believe that ‘Melo has the habit sometimes of being a ball hog, but even for a person who isn’t sharing the ball, 92 points is not heard of!

I high school, Ball became so talented that he pointed at the half court line in the middle of one of their games and drained the shot no problem!

Then the next parts are what get a little tricky. After his sophomore year, LaVar Ball had a falling out with the head coach of the Chino Hills program and they decided to move to Lithuania and play overseas for a very short period of of time. After yet another falling out with another head coach, LaVar Ball founded the JBA and had both sons playing of the league. This helped provide kids post-high school that did not want to go to college, to make money on their name while playing the game that they loved.he league. The roster list icludeded none other than LaMelo and LiAngelo ball, as well as others who survived a group of JBA “training camps.”

LaMelo just recently joined the Illawarra Hawks in the National Basketball League and is showing significant progress. The most significant change in him probably is his height. In a matter of two years, LaMelo has went from about 5’8” to 6’7” — which has given him opportunity to add various skills that were once hard for him to come by like dunking, rebounding, and playing solid defense.

After watching LaMelo for a little while, I would say that the one thing that he should work on is his defense. I will admit, it has gotten a little better. But while he was at Chino Hills, he would rarely hustle back to play good defense. On the flip side, he did have more opportunity’s to have his teammates cherry-pick a pass — but I think that NBA teams are looking for some good two-way players this year. I believe that he is perfectly capable to evolve his game, the question will be whether or not he will…

Now that ‘Melo’s mindset is now focus primarily on the league and getting in a s fast as possible. There I’m sure that the will do amazing things, all he has to do is find true self-discipline. Then everything else will fall into place.

Think about it. LaMelo is most-likely the best of all the Ball brothers.While his brothers began to become better on their own, they made ‘Melo better by helping him form his game around players that were better than him.

The NBA will be the real test for LaMelo. It seems that his dad has been in control of pretty much every life decision up until this point by forcing him to stick to a strict basketball routine of sleep, workouts, and basketball drills. Now we will get to see what he is truly made of, and see what is most important to himself.

What do you think about LaMelo? Do you believe that the is overrated or underrated?

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