Lamar And Aaron: The Genesis Of A True NFL Bromance (8/16/19)

We have uncovered a new NFL friendship with a new exchange of conversation with Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers! Even though they are on different teams with all of the factors against them, they have possibly begun the greatest NFL bromance story of all time.

The Conversation looked like this:
Aaron Rodgers:
“What’s up fella?”
Lamar Jackson:
“What’s up GOAT?”
Aaron Rodgers:
“I love watching you play man. That was pretty spectacular. I love watching you play.”
Lamar Jackson:
“I appreciate that.”
Aaron Rodgers:
“Have a great season man. Slide a little bit.”
Lamar Jackson:
“I gotchu baby!”

So Lamar gives mad props to Aaron who in return gave some really good advice. Pretty cool, right? He mentioned that Jackson should consider sliding instead of hurdling the defenders to avoid injury. Lamar had hurdled someone earlier in the game for a touchdown, so that was probably why the Packers’ quarterback critiqued him a bit. My guess is that Rodgers saw this as a great play but lucky circumstances. If the defender had been higher, Jackson could be in a hospital bed today.

I am excited to see if this goes places — if it does, it will make one of the most interesting bromances in all of sports…

Photo Credit:
By U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Delano Scott – 180730-F-WH816-1003, Public Domain,
Par Keith Allison — Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0,