Lakers Lose Third Straight Game Without LeBron: Not Time To Panic Yet (12/23/19)

Well, the Lakers have not been doing the best for the past three games on the road and at home. On the 17 of December, they lost 102-105 to the Indiana Pacers, on December 19th they lost 11-104 to the Bucks in Milwaukee, and last night they were blown out by the Nuggets 128-104.

This isn’t a panicking stage yet. The first loss to Indiana was bad, but the others to the Bucks and Nuggets were just unlucky because of injuries. In Indiana, Los Angeles lost Anthony Davis with an ankle injury that kept him out of the whole game. In Milwaukee, there weren’t any injuries, but their slow start was the primary contributor to their loss — at one point towards the end of the first quarter, LeBron and Anthony Davis were 0-9 combined in shooting. The Lakers came back, but unfortunately they had too much of a gap to fill. And at home against the Nuggets, the Lakers were without LeBron James due to a Thoracic strain and got destroyed.

Other analysts can say what they want, but this is not that big of a deal. Sure, this is an unfortunate situation that has come upon the team, but as long as they focus on the big picture, they should be fine. If all Lakers players are healthy, it’s pretty hard to name a team that could beat them.

Specifically on their loss to the Nuggets in Los Angeles last night, Kyle Kuzma and Anthony Davis commented on the game (Via NBC Los Angeles):

“It’s kind of hard to next-man-up LeBron,” said Kyle Kuzma, who was the only other player on the Lakers with points in double figures (16). “He does so much. Shots come easier when he’s on the floor because everyone just looks at him.”“It’s tough when he’s out but we still got to find ways to win,” Davis said. “We lost our energy defensively. We got to continue to defend and once we get that edge back we’ll be fine.”

From the Nuggets’ point of view, this was an incredible feat.“It feels good to get a win in L.A. even if LeBron wasn’t playing,” Nikola Jokic said. Paul Milsap had also accredited Denver’s momentum from other wins to their amazing performance at the Staples Center:“Our last homestand gave us confidence to come on the road and win. We have so many weapons,” Milsap said.

What the game really came down to was the second half. When both teams went into their locker room during halftime, the score was 55-53 with the Nuggets in the lead. In the second half Denver outscored L.A. 73-51. This is what Anthony Davis was talking about his team’s defense. The Lakers need to figure out a way to become more aggressive other talented offenses, like the Nuggets, if they want to start winning games again. All of the shakeups in their lineup has thrown off the team, but if they can all stay healthy and play solid defense, they should be able to beat anyone in their path.

Los Angeles’ next game is at the Staples Center on Christmas day, where they will take on Kawhi Leonard and the Los Angeles Clippers in the battle for L.A.

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