Jimmy Had A Rough Night, So What? (8/19/19)

Jimmy Garappolo’s career has been stellar in so many different ways — even if he missed almost all of last season. He’s that good!

Five seasons ago — at the beginning of his professional football career, Jimmy G was drafted by the Patriots. There, he had three years behind Tom Brady to learn a lot about the quarterback position, just by watching him.

Then, the opportunity came. Tom Brady was suspended 4 games for “Deflategate” and Jimmy had to step up his game. The Patriots finished those for games 4/4 with Garoppolo as the starter! He had won all of the games!

Soon, Garoppolo wanted more money and the Patriots weren’t willing to pay him, so he decided to go to San Francisco and become a 49er!

Before I go any further, imagine if the Patriots would have decided to keep him. He could have been their long-term solution to keep their empire going for the next 10-15 years. I get that it is hard to play under someone who is argued the best quarterback of all time. But still, I think that the Patriots really dropped the ball on letting him go (no pun intended).

In San Francisco, Garoppolo played six games his first year and only three in his second due to injury. In fact, his second injury was a torn ACL, so last year he was out for the season.

During that time, the 49ers decided to make Jimmy G the highest paid NFL player with a 5-year, $137.5 million deal (SB Nation). He is their guy now.

Tonight was the first appearance after his devastating injury. Jimmy played in the 49ers preseason game against the Broncos and did not perform as he had hoped — In three series, he was 1/6 for 0 yards and at the very end threw an interception.

Put yourself in Garappolo’s shoes right now. Imagine if you had just come back from a torn ACL and had not played in an actual NFL game for over a year. That is exactly what he was facing tonight. I believe that this was just a warmup and this season will be exponentially better for him and his success at the quarterback position this season.

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