Jalen Ramsey to Stephon Gilmore: “Mookie Betts went to Boston from LA and Got a Ring..”

It seems as though ever since around 2019, New England Patriots CB Stephon Gilmore and the team have had relationship issues. Now, with Gilmore absent from Patriots training camp, fellow CB Jalen Ramsey of the LA Rams took to social media to recruit Gilmore.

Ramsey has a strong history of attempting to recruit around the league. Just a few weeks ago when now Titans WR Julio Jones was hitting open market Ramsey took to twitter to try to convince Jones to come to LA.

Although this attempt failed, it certainly hasn’t discouraged Ramsey from trying his hand at bringing in talent.

“@mookiebetts went from Boston to LA & got a ring..What you think @bumpnrungilmore”

The tweet of course references former Boston Red Sox outfielder, Mookie Betts, who went to the Los Angeles Dodgers and later won a World Series with the team.

As previously mentioned, Stephon Gilmore is appearing to be holding out from Patriots camp. Gilmore wants a new and shiny contract. After all, he was the DPOY in 2019. However, Patriots coach and general manager, Bill Bellicheck, is known for not wanting to pay superstars. Especially ones who are in their 30s. Despite Gilmore’s amazing production including 11 interceptions and 161 solo tackles over four years in New England, Bellicheck simply doesn’t want to pay him. Therefore, a holdout is underway.

As for how this holdout ends, and whether or not Ramsey’s desperation is successful, only time will tell.