Inside The Uncertain Future Of Kevin Durant (6/26/19)

I took this when I was given the amazing opportunity to go to the Warriors-Nuggets game with my mom one season ago…

For those of you who don’t know, Kevin Durant pulled his calf in the NBA Playoffs last season and was out for a while. He didn’t come back until later in the Finals — where in the same game, he ruptured his achilles. Since then, we have not heard of much about where he is going. Even before his injury I expected him to leave — but where? Now that he is injured, the whole free-agency process becomes a bit more complicated.

Just today, the word broke out that KD would not be taking the $31.5 million player option that the Warriors were going to offer him. At first, I thought he would take that deal. That offer would entail a full year of going through physical therapy, basketball training, and getting to hang with the team while still getting payed that large sum. He wouldn’t even have to play a single game!

I can only imagine how frustrated Durant is right now… he went from a back-to-back Finals MVP to an injured and dethroned basketball player. I’m sure he regrets going back in to play (even though he was the Warriors’ last chance at beating the Raptors). The injury alone will probably take a full year of rest and recovery, so he probably won’t play until the 2020-2021 season.

Right now I am getting reports that KD is eyeing the Knicks, Clippers, and possibly the Nets…

Wherever he goes, he most-likely will finish with that franchise. And in two years, that team will probably become a serious title contender.