“I’m Not Supersititous, But I Am A Little Stitious”: Inside Pete Alonso’s Mid-Game Credulity… (9/13/19)

Well, as it turns out Michael Scott is not the only one that is “a little stitious” in today’s modern society — Pete Alonso feels the same way!
Bleacher Report stated that Alonso “shaved his mustache during the game after he struck out twice and reached base because of an error in his first three at-bats.”

How funny! Pete didn’t feel super great about his performance at first and then took the razor to the stache and shaved it right off. I remember when I played baseball whenever a game got really close, we would flip our hats inside out and wear them on our heads — calling them “rally caps”– and I thought that was pretty superstitious. This just took it to a whole new level.

In a post-game interview, Alonso was asked about why he lost his mustache and he said:

“I had very terrible at-bats before, And so I’m like, ‘All right, mustache needs to go.’ Simple as that.”

Despite all of the chaos, the Mets’ rookie and his team still won the game by an astonishing score of 11-1 — beating the Diamondbacks and completing a four-game sweep.

After this win, the Mets have a tough battle ahead. Both the Chicago Cubs and the Milwaukee Brewers have a record of 78-68 — and are fighting for the final National League Wild Card spot. The Mets are not far away from them (76-70), but they have to make up for two more losses than both of the others. In the last two games, New York has scored at least 9 more points than their opponent (9-0, and now 11-1). If they keep this momentum, they might end up beating out both Chicago and Milwaukee, but it will certainly be a close one.

Lastly, why has everyone else counted out the theory that Alonso was wearing a fake mustache, was embarrassed that it fell off, and told a different story? I think we have a new conspiracy theory in the making…

Just kidding! It’s real. Probably.

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