Im Gonna Go Off On A Tim: Tebow Is Continuing To Shine Throughout Whatever The Circumstances (9/2/19)

Tim Tebow has not been showing up a lot lately in the media. Not many of us have heard from Tebow in a while… but some MLB scouts sure have…

Yahoo sports conducted an interview with multiple scouts to try and find out how Tim Tebow is doing, the following is from the interview:

“I like the guy, and I appreciate what he’s doing … he was working his [butt] off out in the outfield,” another scout said. “The guy is a super human it sounds like, he just doesn’t have a lot of baseball instincts and feel.”

Not only is Tebow an extraordinary athlete and leader, but he also is one of the hardest workers in sports. I mean think about it…

Tim Tebow grew up playing lots of sports, but then had to choose to focus on football once he got to high school. He ended up on the Florida Gators and won two NCAA Football championships and one Heisman trophy.

And then after not being picked up a few years later in free agency, Tim decided to go into baseball and work his hardest at it. Now he plays Tripe-A baseball for the Syracuse Mets! What a transformation!
Tim is the living proof that if someone has the will and drive for what it takes to pursue a new area, that you can get it. He has dealt with lots of hardship (I will explain it in more depth in a future article) and still pulled through. That takes a serious drive.

Current Career Status:

Tebow is still playing Triple-A baseball and he is slowly getting better each day. In my opinion, I believe that he is one for he most inspirational athletes of our decade…

Full honesty though…. who in their right mind would pass over a baseball player of his build, character, and leadership skills? I certainly wouldn’t.

Photo by Open Sports on Flickr slgckgc – Tim Tebow