From Rough To Buff: The Extreme Transformation Of The Nets’ Team Depth… (8/26/19)

Today, news came out that the Brooklyn Nets have decided to pay one of their guard’s handsomely to keep him for the long run. His name is Caris LeVert (top left), and he will be making $52.5 million over the course of three years! He certainly had something to say about it.

The Durant/Irving announcement this summer completely shocked the whole world of sports. A lot of people thought that they would team up and go to the Knicks or something, but not one of the lowest franchises in the NBA — The Nets!

Before both of them joined the Nets, Brooklyn was running out of options. The only person that would be considered a superstar on their team was D’Angelo Russell — who already made it known that he might be looking into other teams as well before free agency started.

Before Durant ruptured his Achilles and needed surgery at the end of this last season, Durant was on fire! He’s the type of guy who can almost play the whole game with crazy dunks and blocks, and then turn around at the end and sink a dagger from way-beyond three.

Now, Kyrie isn’t as tall as Kevin Durant, but his handles certainly make up for it. He can figure out a way to cross people up and drive into the lane. He is another great shooter and will only make this Nets roster better.

Deandre Jordan is great too. He was probably known best for his time with the Clippers because he was a terrific big-man in L.A.

I’m not going to lie, a lot of people are only talking about what the Clippers and what they did in free agency. The Net will not have Kevin Durant for about a year, so they might not be as good as other teams, but they sure did make some pretty fancy moves in free agency — worthy enough to spark popularity…

What do you think? Do you believe that the Nets made the right choices this year in free agency?

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