From 12 To 39: The Transformation Of Dwight Howard As A Laker (11/5/19)

Dwight Howard was originally picked up to be on the Lakers in 2013 because they were looking for their next Shaq. Unfortunately the got what they asked for in terms of drama.

Dwight Howard and the Lakers squad did not get along back then — which resulted in him going to Houston 5-6 years ago. This year the Lakers picked up Howard again and something has been clearly different than the the player and teammate that we saw back in 2013.

He might not always put up a ton of points, only averaging 6.8 points a game, but he is certainly efficient (Basketball Reference). In the past six games, Howard has made 79.2% of his shots from the field. Despite only playing 21.3 minutes a game and never starting, Dwight has still found a way to rebound and set people up for good shots averaging 8.2 rebounds and 1.3 assists a game.

Many people have began to notice Dwight’s prefect new role in Los Angeles, including his teammate LeBron James.

Despite his rough first time with the Lakers, Dwight Howard has made a triumphant comeback to L.A….

What do you think is in store for him this season?

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