Fans Go Crazy In The Raiders’ Final Game In Oakland (12/16/19)

Historically, Oakland has been known for their vocal fans — yesterday took it to a whole new level. In their final home game, against the Jacksonville Jaguars, they barely lost by a score of 20-16. The Jaguars really stood out by scoring 17 unanswered points towards the end of the final game in the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.

Some people became so frustrated that they started doing some irregular things: like throwing trash on the field post-game.

To add to the mood in the stadium, Derek Carr (quarterback of the Oakland Raiders) was booed as he made his exit in Oakland for the final time.

Oakland has lost two sports teams this year. The first was the Golden State Warriors, when they moved to San Francisco. The Raiders will be moving to Las Vegas this upcoming NFL season into their new stadium, in a totally different environment. These Oakland fans have been through a lot. From 1982-1994, the Raiders moved from Oakland to Los Angeles — leaving their hometown a first time. Leaving a second time must be so devastating for their whole city.

But with all of this chaos in the city of Oakland, there is hope on the horizon. Oakland is a big city with a big fanbase and a large market for teams. Pretty soon, a businessman will take advantage of this opportunity and build more teams there. But for now, Raiders and Warriors fans are going to have to settle with the Oakland Athletics, until someone comes in and brings a new team to the city (which could happen sometime in the near future).

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