Broncos Safety Kareem Jackson: Deshaun Watson Has Interest In Denver Trade

Broncos safety Kareem Jackson said that Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is “interested” in a trade that would land him in the Mile High City, per TMZ Sports.

“I had a couple of conversations with him… Just with him saying that Denver is a place that’s he’s interested in landing,” Jackson said in reference to his talks with Watson, his former teammate.

TMZ also reported that Deshaun Watson is “mulling” a season-long holdout in order to gain leverage over his situation. If Watson were to be traded to Denver, they would likely see the playoffs soon (despite selling the farm), according to the Broncos safety.

“I mean, if Deshaun Watson goes anywhere, they are automatically contenders,” Jackson said. “If he has pieces around him, he’s an automatic contender.”

Ever since Peyton Manning retired (and some would make the argument that even before he retired), the Broncos have had many struggles with their quarterbacks. Would Deshaun Watson be able to turn this Denver franchise around — supposing the Broncos can even land the star quarterback when he’s technically not even on the market?

That, we will just have to wait and see.