Brock Out: A Commemoration Of One Of The Most Unique Quarterback Careers Of All Time (10/17/19)

Well Andrew Luck wasn’t the only quarterback from the 2012 NFL Draft to retire this season, Brock Osweiler is as well.

Brock called into Mike Klis on 9News Denver yesterday announcing that he was going to leave the league just after his seventh NFL season.

“I’m extremely grateful for the time I did receive playing in the National Football League,’’ Osweiler said. “The experiences I did have, people I did meet, relationships I did make — I’m not going to dwell on the things that didn’t happen in my career.” 

Brock Osweiler via 9News Denver

A lot of things sure did happen in his career. Brock was given the opportunity to learn under Peyton Manning for his first four seasons in the NFL. It is common to see backups under extremely intelligent quarterbacks become great quarterbacks themselves (Like Jimmy Garrapolo under Tom Brady and Steve Young under Joe Montana).

In the 2015 NFL season, Peyton Manning hurt his foot and Osweiler was given the opportunity to start for the Broncos (USA Today). In his first game starting, he went 20/27 for two touchdowns and had a 127.1 passer rating for the game in Denver’s win against Chicago.

Perhaps the most iconic game of his career was Denver’s game against New England in Week 12 of the 2015 season. He helped the Broncos secure another dub in overtime during an amazing comeback, with a final score of 30-24. The most impressive part of this to me was that the New England Patriots were undefeated up until they played the Broncos in the extreme snowy conditions at the Sports Authority Field (as it was named back then) and I remember the announcer saying right when both teams were going back into their locker rooms that since the Patriots had lost there was only one other team in the league that still remained undefeated. That team was the Carolina Panthers.

Eventually, Peyton manning was cleared to play and returned during the Broncos’ regular-season finale and took back the starting spot.

At the end of the post-season, the Broncos made it to Super Bowl 50 against the Carolina Panthers and beat them 24-10. Osweiler was active as the backup for the game, but never got any playing time.

Since Brock showed so much promise, the Houston Texans decided to pick him up in free agency and sign him to a 4-year, $72 million deal. As his career began to deteriorate after a few games, the Texans traded him to the Cleveland Browns. Shortly after he was with the Browns, he was picked up by the Denver Broncos once again. And then after the Broncos, he went to the Miami Dolphins. What a lot of movement for only a few years!

Brock Osweiler had what many would call the “ideal” type of career. He won a Super Bowl. He signed a big contract and got paid. He retired after 7 seasons. Not bad.

Many remember Osweiler from some of the inconsistency in his game, or how he could have been bitter with the Broncos for benching him, or the fact that he changed teams so many times. But the single-most important piece to remember is that Brock Osweiler was a clutch quarterback in 2015 and the Broncos would have most-likely not have had as good of a record at the end of the season if he wasn’t present. And if their record was not as good, Super Bowl 50 might have been a pipe dream.

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