BREAKING NEWS: Christian Yelich Fractures Kneecap, Out For Season (9/11/19)

Well, the Brewers won last night against the Marlins, but sadly not without cost. During the game, the National League MVP candidate and front-runner hurt himself.
As Yelich was gearing up to bat, a pitch was thrown, and he it hit with his but, but the fourth, ball bounced off of his bat and hit his leg.

After this happened, Christian was indeed x-rayed to find out what really was going on and the results came back positive for a shattered kneecap. This is highly unfortunate for Christian Yelich and Milwaukee Brewers fans because he won’t be able to enter the field for the rest of the season.

Yelich was one of two players to be a front-runner for the NL MVP award, second only two Cody Bellinger. Now that Christian is hurt, I will bet that Bellinger is crowned National League MVP for this season.

These injuries are the worst and they require a lot of strength to get through. On occasion, I have seen a player come back better than they ever were after they go through injury recovery, and I could see Christian Yelich as one of those people…

Photo Credit: Ian D’Andrea on Flickr: